As SpyWare Nuker affiliate you agree that every e-mail sent to promote SpyWare Nuker will utilize:

Clear and conspicuous notice of the opportunity for the recipient to decline to receive further commercial e-mail messages from the sender.

A functioning return e-mail address or other Internet-based mechanism that is clearly and conspicuously displayed that recipients can use to request not to receive future advertisements or promotions. This return address or other mechanism must be capable of receiving such messages for at least 20 days after the transmission of the original message. The sender of the message may not send subsequent advertisements or promotions more than 10 business days after the request from any recipient to be removed from future commercial e-mail communications. If the recipient has requested not to receive further advertisements or promotions, the sender may not request, sell, lease, exchange, or otherwise transfer or release the e-mail address of the recipient.

Clear and conspicuous identification that the e-mail is an advertisement or solicitation, unless the recipient has provided affirmative consent to receive the message. The sender of the e-mail is responsible for determining how to indicate that the message is a solicitation (i.e., there is no requirement to include any specific language, such as 'this is an advertisement' or any labeling such as 'ADV' in the subject line). However, if the recipient has provided affirmative consent to receive the message, then this identification is not required.

A valid physical postal address of the sender. A post-office box (PO Box) or mail-drop does not suffice. The physical address must be somewhere that a consumer can physically find you and/or your employees.

In addition, you agree that you are not going to use any of the following techniques while promoting SpyWare Nuker:
False or misleading header or transmission information in a commercial e-mail message.

Deceptive subject headings.
Relay or retransmit commercial e-mail using another computer for the purpose of disguising the commercial e-mail's origin.

Sending commercial e-mail that includes an originating e-mail address, domain name, or Internet protocol address that was obtained by means of false pretenses or representations.
Use HARVESTING* or DICTIONARY ATTACKS* to promote SpyWare Nuker.

*Harvesting is the practice of collecting, through an automated means, e-mail addresses that are posted on websites or online services.
Dictionary attacks occur when e-mail addresses are generated by combining names, letters, or numbers into numerous permutations in the hope of generating functioning e-mail addresses.